Grassroots Capacity Building

The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition’s (NSAC) work is focused on policy option development through participatory issue committees and ongoing legislative and administrative advocacy.  Its strength comes from active state-based organizations who have the capacity to work directly with farmers and ranchers and meaningfully engage grassroots individuals and communities in the policy-making process.

NSAC builds the capacity of its grassroots member organizations around the country to inform and equip farmers, rural advocates, and food activists with the tools they need to participate in the policy-making process.  At the same time, the organizations working directly with grassroots individuals test programs on the ground and integrate grassroots input into NSAC’s policy development.  We believe this is the best way to achieve long-term policy change so that we keep small and mid-sized family farmers on the land, protect and conserve the environment, and promote rural prosperity.

To get involved with an NSAC member organization in your state, please visit the NSAC member organization page.