Advocacy Toolkit

Advocacy Takes Everyone!

Change can’t happen without YOUR help! Whether you’ve got just 5 minutes or loads of time, the sustainable agriculture movement needs you!

What’s the number-one most-important best thing you can do?

… It takes only 5 minutes.

… It doesn’t require a policy degree.

… Anyone can do it.

… You can tell all your friends, too:


Yes – this one simple task is our #1 most valuable tool in reaching legislators. Your Senators and Representative want to hear from you – so let ’em! What’s best to call about right now? Check out our take action page for details!

There are many more ways to participate in the policymaking process, of course. Check out our Advocacy Toolkit on the sidebar to your left – it helps you let Members of Congress and the media know about the sustainable agriculture issues that are most important to you and your community.

All of our materials are being updated and expanded for 2012. In the meantime, please contact Grassroots Director Sarah Hackney with any questions!