Whole-Farm Revenue Protection Improvement Act

Beginning farmer Tonya Taylor on her diversified Virginia farm. Photo credit: Reana Kovalcik.

Beginning farmer Tonya Taylor on her diversified Virginia farm. Photo credit: Reana Kovalcik.

Whole-Farm Revenue Protection Improvement Act of 2018

(H.R. 4865)

The Whole-Farm Revenue Protection Improvement Act was introduced on May 15, 2018 in the House by Representative Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY). The Whole-Farm Crop Insurance Improvement Act will improve the Risk Management Agency’s (RMA) Whole-Farm Revenue Protection Crop Insurance Policy (Whole-Farm) to make the program more accessible and effective for diversified, organic, beginning, and other farmers not adequately served by other risk management options.

Crop insurance is a critical risk management tool, and in order to thrive, all our nation’s farmers need access to crop insurance products that fit their scale and type of farming. Currently, crop insurance is widely available for a handful of commodity crops, but limited in its availability and utilization for many specialty and organic crops. Many of our nation’s diversified producers who grow multiple crops and/or raise a mix of crops and livestock, beginning farmers, and producers with relatively small operations are either underserved by the federal crop insurance program, or are not able to access federal risk management tools at all. Whole-Farm Revenue Protection is a federal risk management option that can fill the crop insurance gap for these un-served or underserved producers.

The Whole-Farm Crop Insurance Improvement Act will ensure that the next farm bill expands underserved producers’ access to crop insurance by:

Simplifying and Improving Whole-Farm Revenue Protection

  • Require RMA to streamline the policy while maintaining actuarial soundness.
  • Ensure crop insurance agents are adequately compensated for the increased time commitment required to write a Whole-Farm policy.

Expanding Access to Whole-Farm

  • Create special coverage within the Farm Service Agency’s Non-Insured Crop Disaster Assistance Program for beginning farmers. This will allow these producers to build up the revenue history required to purchase a Whole-Farm Revenue Insurance Policy.

Ensuring Adequate Coverage is Available

  • Ensure that rapidly expanding small and mid-sized farm are adequately covered by WFRP.
  • Require RMA to assess the practicality of coverage for farmers marketing through Community Supported Agriculture.
  • Ensure that a farmer’s past revenue calculations reflects current risks.

NSAC thanks Congressman Maloney for championing the Whole-Farm Revenue Improvement Act of 2018, and for his leadership in strengthening the farm safety net for more American farms and family farmers.

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