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Speak up for EQIP: NRCS needs to hear from farmers and concerned citizens! 

Help us ensure a more sustainable food and farm future! Between now and February 17, 2020, we are coordinating a national comment campaign to make sure that farmers (and the broader public) have an opportunity to weigh in the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) Interim Final Rule. 

It’s important to speak out during this comment period because we only get this opportunity every five years or so with a new farm bill. Now is our chance to impact how this critical program operates for the years ahead. 

Ready to get involved? Submit a comment to NRCS today! 

NRCS is accepting public comments on the EQIP Interim Final Rule through February 17, 2020. After it reviews and takes into consideration public comments, NRCS will develop a permanent Final Rule that will govern the program for years to come. This is the public’s one chance to weigh in.

NRCS will only accept comments submitted online. You can use the sample materials attached below to get started! It is important to personalize your comment – NRCS will read every single submission, and unique comments have the most impact.

  • Step 1Get informed – read the comment template below to learn what may change about EQIP under the new rules, how these changes could impact farmers, where NRCS could be doing more to help EQIP reach its full potential, and why this matters for everyone.
  • Step 2 – Customize the comment below for yourself! There are guiding questions to help you tell your story effectively to NRCS.
  • Step 3 – Click here (LINK COMING SOON) to submit your comment online, and follow these steps:
    1. Upload your saved comment file (Word or PDF) by clicking “choose files”.
    2. Fill in your personal information. Note that no personal information is required – you can submit anonymously. However, we suggest putting your name, city, and state; comments with names are typically taken more seriously.  
    3. Click “continue”.
    4. Check the box indicating that you have read the privacy statement. 
    5. Click “submit”

Our template for comments will be available on January 23, 2020 – stay tuned and come back for more information!

Click here to download the EQIP comment template! (link coming soon)

How Can I Get Involved with NSAC?

If you care about getting healthy food to everyone, protecting our natural resources, and supporting the next generation of American farmers, then you’ll want to get involved this year!

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  • TELL YOUR STORY: Are you a farmer who has benefited from – or struggled with – federal farm programs? We want to hear from you! Contact us to share your experience and potentially be part of our farmer storybank.
  • GET TO KNOW YOUR LEGISLATORS: Do you know who your Senators and Representative are? Do you know how they vote on sustainable agriculture issues? Find out who represents you here; send ’em an email and ask them how they voted on the issues that matter to YOU.
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