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3 Days, 3 Actions. Because our children deserve better.

June 15, 2012

Dear Supporter,

5 years.  That’s how often the farm bill comes around.

5 minutes.  That’s all it takes to speak out for reform.

A lifetime.  That’s the kind of impact you’ll have.

Our nation’s schoolchildren deserve to eat fresh, local food in schools – and with it, the opportunity to develop healthy eating habits for life.  Now’s the time!  Amidst the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, the Senate is debating the 2012 Farm Bill, and decisions are being made that will impact farmers, the environment, and rural communities for years to come.  If you can spare 5 minutes today, you will have an impact.

Thank you for speaking up yesterday!  Today is our third and final of action, so here we go –

Today’s action:


Produce and protein from nearby farms on school lunch trays – it seems like a smart, simple concept.  Yet the opportunity for farmers to create jobs, spur economic growth, and provide healthy and wholesome foods to schoolchildren is often harder than it seems.  Current policies make it difficult for schools to purchase products from local farms and create barriers for local farmers that want to supply their products to schools.

We can do something about this!  Senators Sanders (I-VT) and Leahy (D-VT) have introduced an amendment to the 2012 Farm Bill to make it easier for farmers to supply local school districts.  It allows schools to use program dollars from Department of Defense Fresh (a fruit and vegetable distribution program) to purchase produce from local farmers.

Will you help us make it easier for students to eat fresh, local food in schools?

 Send a message to your Senator today!

Your Senators need to hear that you want a farm bill with real reform and real improvements for the future of farming.  Don’t delay – the Senate is debating the 2012 Farm Bill this week, so they need to hear from you today.


Thank you for all that you do,
The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition Grassroots Team

P.S.  When you call, tell us how it went!  Use Facebook? Share this information (link) so that others can take action too.






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