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Action Alert: Not on our watch.

September 6, 2012

September:  it’s harvest time.  Corn, tomatoes, pumpkins, apples and more are all coming in from the fields… as well as, with any luck, a new 2012 Farm Bill!

It’s been pretty quiet on the farm bill front here in Washington, DC lately – legislators have been at home all month, meeting with folks like you.  But Congress comes back to DC in a few days, and they only have three weeks to act before the current farm bill expires – leaving our nation’s farmers high and dry!

If Congress doesn’t act in the next few weeks, hundreds of millions of dollars for sustainable agriculture, economic development, conservation, and beginning farmer support will literally disappear.  We can’t let this happen on our watch.

All of our hard work comes down to this month.  All of our victories so far in the farm bill – a down payment on meaningful subsidy reform, conservation protection for sensitive wetlands, grant funding for local and regional food infrastructure, and more – are on the line.  You’ve helped us get this far, now let’s make this bill even better – and get it to the finish line!  Over the next 3 weeks, all of us have to speak up loud and clear – again and again – about why sustainable agriculture has to be part of the next farm bill.

Let’s get started right now!  Help us welcome Congress back to town with a reminder of why the farm bill matters – click on this image to share it on facebook and help us spread the word!

Just click on this image:  it will take you to Facebook, where you can easily share it with your friends – and your Senators and Representative!

Need a refresher on the past few months of farm bill action? What happened in the House and Senate this summer, anyway? For the nitty-gritty detail, check out today’s blog post from the NSAC policy team.

No matter what happens in the next 3 weeks, we’ll need your help speaking out.  The farm bill must:

… invest in the future of American agriculture!
… protect our soil, air, and water!
… and create jobs and healthy economies!

Let’s get that message out there today and in the weeks to come.
Thanks for all you do,

Sarah and Shavaun – the NSAC Grassroots Team

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