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USDA Accepting Applications for Agricultural Trade Advisory Committees

October 24, 2011

The face of America – and of American agriculture – is changing.  The number of farms in the United States has grown 4 percent and the operators of those farms have become more diverse in the past five years, according to results of USDA’s most recent Census of Agriculture.  According to the Census, the numbers of women, Hispanic, and American Indian, Asian, and Black farm operators has increased significantly.

To reflect the diversity of our agricultural sector and business community, USDA is stepping up its efforts to supplement its seven Agricultural Trade Advisory Committees (ATACs) with new members, especially those who represent minorities, women, or persons with disabilities.  The USDA believes that people with different backgrounds and views will make the work of these committees, and thus of USDA, more effective.  The agency is currently accepting applications for its seven ATACs.

Applicants should represent a U.S. entity with an interest in agricultural trade and have expertise and knowledge of agricultural trade as it relates to policy and commodity-specific issues.  Those who serve on one of these seven committees, receive briefings by the Secretary of Agriculture and the U.S. Trade Representative and help submit stakeholder views on a wide range of agricultural trade issues.

More information about submitting an application is available on the FAS website.  Questions may be directed to Steffon Brown at 202-720-6219 or via email to Steffon.Brown@fas.usda.gov.

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