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Articles of Note in Latest JAFSCD Issue

July 12, 2011

Among the many excellent articles contained in the latest issue of the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development are three with special relevance to NSAC’s work.  An article highlighting African American farmers is available without a subscription until July 16.  Access to the full issue requires a subscription, but the abstracts can be viewed publicly.

“The next generation, that’s why we continue to do what we do”: African American farmers speak about experiences with land ownership and loss in North Carolina is about community-based participatory research with African-American farmers.  The farmers used photographs to document and talk about their experiences.  The farmers also identified strengths, concerns, and action steps with regards to farming and farmland loss in the community.  The article is available without a subscription in honor of Black Agricultural Awareness Week, July 10-16.

To read more about the history and fight against discriminatory lending, visit the Federation of Southern Cooperatives or NSAC’s most recent post on the Pigford settlement.  Find out more about our Farming Opportunities and Fair Competition issue committee and our work on behalf of minority farmers and ranchers or read our fact sheet.

The article Beliefs, attitudes, and propensity to buy locally produced food presented results of a study conducted in Nova Scotia to better understand beliefs and attitudes toward buying local food, identify barriers to buying locally produced food, and gauge public perceptions pertaining to labeling and promoting local food.

Planting seeds for an improved agrifood system?  Linking the aims of the alternative agrifood movement to executive action in the first two years of the Obama administration examined six selected initiatives and programs during President Obama’s first two years in office to analyze its strategies for transforming the food system.

Subscribe to JAFSCD, check out the abstracts for free, or explore if an educational institution near you has a subscription to JAFSCD to obtain the full issue.

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