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Isn’t it time to get back to work?

November 15, 2012

Dear Supporter,

No more elections.  No more endless campaign commercials, debates, and discussions.

Finally, Congress is back on Capitol Hill – let’s hope they’re ready to get to work!

What’s on the legislative agenda for the lame duck session?  Together, we can make sure the 2012 Farm Bill is on that list.  Because there’s too much at stake for it to get left behind – including the future of healthy farms, food, and people for our nation.

Yesterday we delivered over 20,000 signatures to Congress from farmers, ranchers, and concerned citizens calling for an equitable, sustainable 2012 Farm Bill.  But we’re not finished yet!  It’s time to drive that message home.

Join us on this national day of action!  Make one call today (and ask one friend to join you!), and together, we can make sure that Congress finishes their work on a 2012 Farm Bill – one that invests in healthy farms, food, and people; protects our precious air, soil, and water; and reforms farm subsidies and levels the playing field.

Making a call is simple and takes only moments.

Can you imagine the impact we’ll have with thousands of calls flooding into Congress in only one day?  We’ll be making a unified statement – one that Congress can’t ignore:  We want a farm bill done this year, and we want it done right.  

Thank you for all you do,

Sarah and Shavaun, The NSAC Grassroots Team

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