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November 18, 2013

Since 1987, ATTRA – the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service – has provided education and technical assistance to farmers, ranchers, researchers, and other organizations and individuals involved in sustainable agriculture across the United States.  Their wide range of educational resources include hundreds of publications, an archive of webinars and informational videos, a free telephone helpline, and an “Ask an Ag Expert” feature on their website.

In their latest effort to expand sustainable agriculture education and research, ATTRA has announced the launch of an online forum “to encourage the exchange of ideas between those interested in” sustainable agriculture.

The Farmer Knows Best” forum will unite the wisdom of ATTRA’s everyday users – farmers and ranchers, researchers and scientists, educators and advocates – in one central location, offering those interested in sustainable agriculture the opportunity to engage in conversation with one another.

“What better way to support research and sustainable agriculture education than offering the people who are dedicated and passionate about the subject to share their ideas and insights,” said Carl Little, director of sustainable agriculture programs for the National Center for Appropriate Technology’s (NCAT), ATTRA’s parent organization and an NSAC member.

Farmers Know Best will be organized around 14 topics:

  • Beginning Farmer
  • Water Management
  • Soils & Compost
  • Pest Management
  • Organic Farming
  • Marketing, Business & Risk
  • Local Food Systems
  • Livestock & Pasture
  • Horticultural Crops
  • Field Crops
  • Energy Alternatives
  • What Is Sustainable Ag?
  • Education
  • General

ATTRA’s own staff specialists will also lend their expertise to Farmer Knows Best.

ATTRA was developed and is maintained through a cooperative agreement with the USDA’s Rural Business-Cooperative Service by the National Center for Appropriate Technology, a nonprofit organization headquartered in Butte, Montana.

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