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Release: NSAC Publishes Comprehensive 2023 Farm Bill Platform

November 17, 2022

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Contact: Laura Zaks

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition


Release: NSAC Publishes Comprehensive 2023 Farm Bill Platform

Coalition Agenda Envisions a More Equitable and Resilient Food System 

Washington, DC, November 17, 2022 – Today, the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC) released its comprehensive 2023 Farm Bill Platform. NSAC has been a leader in agricultural policy for more than 30 years and has been instrumental in helping to develop some of our nation’s most successful agricultural programs for conserving natural resources, advancing the next generation of farmers, supporting agricultural research, and creating sustainable market connections. The platform provides title-by-title recommendations across farm bill programs and policies detailing how Congress can better support farmers and ranchers by strengthening their bottom lines, their communities, and their resilience. 

“NSAC’s member organizations span every corner of the country and countless communities in between. The years since the 2018 Farm Bill was signed into law have been among the most tumultuous in our nation’s history, yet the lessons from these experiences light a path for the 2023 Farm Bill. As the new, 118th Congress takes shape in the months ahead, NSAC’s 2023 Farm Bill Platform offers a comprehensive, member-driven vision for a more sustainable farm and food system informed by the expert analysis and experience of farmers, ranchers, and food system stakeholders nationwide,” said Mike Lavender, NSAC Interim Policy Director.    

NSAC’s platform spans key issue areas including natural resource conservation, local and regional food systems, sustainable agriculture research, structural reform to farm programs, and more, with cross-cutting recommendations focused on advancing racial equity across farm bill programs, supporting beginning farmers, and addressing the climate crisis and its impacts on our food and farms. 

“The farm bill sets the stage for our food and farm system, impacting farming livelihoods, as well as consumers and the natural environment. As a leading advocate for family farmers and sustainable agriculture, our coalition looks forward to working with Congress to ensure that the next farm bill advances racial equity, builds a climate-resilient future, invests in local economic development, and levels the playing field for small- and medium-sized farms and farm-related businesses,” said Lavender. 

The full platform can be viewed here.


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