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Speed Up the 2010 CSP Sign-up

March 9, 2010

Fat Toad Farm, Brookfield, Vermont

Fat Toad Farm, Brookfield, Vermont

Please join the more than 60 organizations who have signed on to our letter urging Secretary Vilsack to make critical improvements to the Conservation Stewardship (CSP) Program and to initiate a 2010 Sign Up as soon as possible.

The letter urges Secretary Vilsack to:

•    ensure that the program effectively rewards sustainable and organic farming systems
•    base CSP points and payments on environmental outcomes rather than on when a practice was adopted
•    provide a minimum CSP payment for small farms
•    better define a resource conserving crop rotation to ensure high environmental standards
•    reinstate incentives for the transition of cropland to pasture based production

Update: The deadline for signup has passed, and the letter has been delivered. Thank you to all organizations who signed on. To read the final letter, click here.

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