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The Farm Bill Expires, Again.

October 1, 2013

Today is October 1st.  It isn’t Groundhog Day, but it sure feels like it.  As of today, the 2008 Farm Bill expires yet again without a comprehensive five-year bill to replace it.

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Technically, it is the nine-month farm bill extension, included in last year’s fiscal cliff deal, that has expired.  The extension, an enormous disappointment, stemmed from Congress’s inability to pass a comprehensive farm bill in 2012 and failed to include the funding necessary for innovative farm bill programs that support beginning and socially disadvantaged farmers, rural economic development, organic research and production, and local food systems.

That’s right – it’s déjà vu all over again.  Even though Congress is taking steps toward crafting a full farm bill, this does not remedy the fact that some critical farm bill programs will immediately cease to operate and others remain overlooked and unfunded.  It is past time for Congress to get moving and complete action on a new, full and fair farm bill.

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