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New Value-Added Grant Cycle to Start Next Week

June 10, 2011

After many months of delay and anticipation, NSAC is excited to alert our members and readers that the Notice of Solicitation of Applications (NOSA) for the Value Added Producer Grant Program (VAPG) is expected to be published in the Federal Register mid-to-late week next week.

Since the Fiscal Year (FY) 2010 funds were never released and we are now well into FY 2011, we expect the NOSA to include funds for both FY 2010 and FY 2011, or approximately $38 million.

Given how far into the fiscal year we are, we also expect the application period to be limited to a 60-day period.  VAPG proposals take a good deal of time and work, so any farmers, farm coops, or mid-tier value chains intending to submit a proposal will want to get started right away.

When the NOSA is published, NSAC will alert its membership and provide details on the NOSA’s content and exact application deadline.  Stay tuned for more.

Earlier we posted our review of the VAPG interim final rule.

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