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Ad Calls for Urgent Action on Child Nutrition Bill

July 21, 2010

On Wednesday, July 21, a full page Feeding America advertisement appeared in CQ Today and Roll Call, two Capitol Hill publications, urging Congress to pass a “robust, well-funded child nutrition bill this summer.”

Support for the ad stems from a large and diverse group of organizations, including the Alliance to End Hunger, the American Cancer Society, Food Research and Action Center, the NAACP, School Nutrition Association, and Catholic Charities USA.  NSAC endorsed the ad and its message as well, as did our partners at the Community Food Security Coalition and National Farm to School Network.

On July 15, the House Education and Labor Committee approved the child nutrition reauthorization bill, which includes $50 million in mandatory funding for farm to school programs.  Click here to view NSAC’s blog on the reauthorization.

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One response to “Ad Calls for Urgent Action on Child Nutrition Bill”

  1. Mariann Holm says:

    I would like to know what a “robust, well funded child nutrition program” would embrace…certainly eliminating HFCS and sugar is key but often when I see certain groups signing on in support I know this is going to continue to push the subsidized commodities like genetically modified corn, and soy.