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COMMENT: Uphold Promises to American Family Farmers and Rural Communities

January 19, 2017


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Uphold Promises to American Family Farmers and Rural Communities
National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition Comments on Nominee for Secretary of Agriculture

In his selection of Sonny Perdue as nominee for the next Secretary of Agriculture, President-Elect Trump has chosen a candidate with substantial experience in governing and in agriculture. It is our hope that, if confirmed, Perdue will honor the Trump transition team’s pledge to focus on rural communities and family farms ‘as a key part of the Trump movement’.

There is much work ahead for the next Secretary of Agriculture, and we hope that Mr. Perdue will stand as a champion of the programs and policies that support a sustainable agriculture and food system. This includes USDA investments in farmer-led conservation and research, rural economic development and local and regional food systems, as well as technical and financial assistance for historically underserved farmers and ranchers. It also includes protections for contract livestock farmers from corporate integrators who would seek to subjugate their rights; rights which could be better protected with the implementation of the Farmer Fair Practices Rules.

For 30 years, we at the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition have fought for family farmers, rural communities, a fair food system, and the effective stewardship of natural resources. We look forward to working toward these goals for the next four years as active partners with our new Secretary of Agriculture.


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2 responses to “COMMENT: Uphold Promises to American Family Farmers and Rural Communities”

  1. Ed says:

    Sustainable Agriculture has differences of significance to producers across America. Sustainable water in Nebraska depends on where one lives. Rainfall varies annually, precipitation ranges from 30+ inches in Eastern Nebraska to less than 10 inches in Western counties. Soils on class I soils have significantly greater water holding capabilities, soil nutrient sources, higher organic matter, less erosion problems verses Class III and IV landscapes. Value of those soils and land have greater economic value variances based upon groundwater supplies.

  2. Alan N. Connor says:

    Greg, Perdues’ contract poultry corp has been one of the leading violators of GIPSA for decades. It is vertically integrated and denies contractees the right to litigate breaches of contract and other. complaints. The Perdue corporation has been pro factory agriculture and anti good-steward-independent-family-farming for decades.