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Donations to NSAC Doubled Through Patagonia’s Action Works!

November 29, 2019

Big news, everyone: from now (November 29) until December 31, 2019, our friends at Patagonia will be doubling all donations made to the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC) through our Patagonia Action Works website! Every penny donated through the Action Works site will go straight to NSAC – Patagonia will not take any amount of your donation out for processing, administration, or any other reason. To ensure all our donors receive a matching boost this month, we’re switching our regular “Donate” button and landing page on our website over to our Action Works site. We’re so grateful to Patagonia for offering this match, and excited for all your donations to be doubled this month!

Even better: the Nell Newman Foundation has offered our team another matching grant challenge, which means 4x the donating power! Donations made through Patagonia Action Works will count toward our Nell Newman challenge and help us to unlock those funds, stretching your dollars even further!

Don’t delay,

Donate to NSAC today!

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2 responses to “Donations to NSAC Doubled Through Patagonia’s Action Works!”

  1. Faye Jones says:

    Many thanks for great work NSAC does. You all rock. 🙂

  2. Reana Kovalcik says:

    Thanks, Faye!

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