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Harvesting Media Coverage: New NSAC Program Champions Farmers’ Voices

October 7, 2010

What’s one of the most underutilized assets of the sustainable agriculture movement?  It’s the authentic and inspiring personal stories of the farmer innovators practicing sustainable and organic agriculture across our country.   From small to mid-sized, local to regional, and from produce to grain and livestock operations, these farmers have an important story to tell.

A new NSAC program aims to tap into this force for change:  Farm & Agriculture Resources for Media (FARM).

FARM is an innovative venture that connects journalists with farmers and NSAC member organizations.  FARM also provides free tools and training for farmers to share their stories effectively with the press.  FARM provides critical resource for spreading a collective vision for sustainable agriculture and our Farm Bill priorities.

Personal stories of farmers form the compelling heartbeat of the sustainable agriculture movement.  Three key elements of the free FARM toolkit include:

1. Media & Public Relations Tool Kit for Farmers
Downloadable materials that provide practical tips and tactics for generating media coverage, including identifying your compelling story and writing a press release.  Materials also include a sample farm media kit with starter templates.

2.  Media Training for Farmers Webinar
One hour session providing media tips enhanced with examples of farmers who successfully use these strategies.

3.  NSAC FARM Database
If you are a farmer, please join this internal NSAC database of farmers in sustainable agriculture who are available to reply to media inquiries as they come up specific to a farmer’s background and business.

NSAC is particularly interested in connecting with farmers who have used and can speak about their experiences with various federal programs that champion sustainable agriculture like the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program, the Value Added Producer Grant Program, the Conservation Stewardship Program, and USDA beginning farmer programs.

Please help spread the word about FARM; both to farmers to take advantage of the free resources and journalists who want to connect with growers and NSAC member organizations as interview sources.

Lisa Kivirist is coordinating FARM for NSAC and welcomes your ideas and suggestions – sent them to media@sustainableagriculture.net.

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