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Have you joined the food fight?

November 7, 2013

Dear Supporter,

The comments are pouring in from around the country:  from farmers worried about losing their ability to farm sustainably – and their livelihoods. From concerned consumers who don’t want to see local strawberries or salsa disappear from the neighborhood farmers’ market. Have you submitted yours yet?

There’s a lot to lose if the Food and Drug Administration’s proposed Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) rules aren’t fixed – the future of our local food systems and neighborhood farmers’ markets; a fair chance for the next generation of farmers to succeed; and the opportunity for our children to taste fresh, healthy, and local foods in their schools and communities. And you have less than two weeks left to weigh in on this food fight!

So let’s make sure the FDA hears from us – loud and clear – each day until November 15!

The FDA needs to hear that the FSMA rules must:

  • Allow farmers to use sustainable farming practices, including those already allowed and encouraged by existing federal organic standards and conservation programs;
  • Ensure that diversified and innovative farms – particularly those pioneering models for increased access to healthy, local foods – continue to grow and thrive without being stifled; and
  • Provide options that treat family farms fairly, with due process and without excessive costs.

You can do two simple things TODAY to speak up for your farmers and your food:

  1. Submit comments to the FDA!  Find sample comments for farmers and consumers here, along with detailed instructions on how to use Regulations.gov. It takes a few minutes longer than signing a petition, but comments from individuals are the most powerful way to weigh in.
  2. Sign the petition!  Take a stand publicly and add your name to the thousands of people who are demanding that the FDA fix FSMA.

(It’s totally OK to both sign the petition and submit your own comment – and we’ll submit all petition signatures to FDA next week.)

It’s critical that all of us – growers and eaters – speak out to fix these rules.   Speak up today, take action, and spread the word!

For a better food and farm future,

The NSAC Food Safety Team

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One response to “Have you joined the food fight?”

  1. tina wurth says:

    What we need is a better food and farm system in this country. Stop punishing small producers.