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How many years does it take to write a farm bill?

September 11, 2013

Dear Supporter,

It should be a no-brainer:  when Congress takes on our nation’s food and farm policy, they should invest in a sustainable future and support beginning farmers, on-farm conservation, and job creation through local food and farms, right?

Unfortunately, politics is trumping the best interests of both farmers and people like us.

For two years (that’s right, TWO YEARS!) we’ve been calling on Congress to pass a full and fair five-year farm bill.  We’ve seen two failed attempts, followed by a terrible last-minute extension of the old farm bill at the end of 2012 – one that failed to reform outdated farm subsidies and literally stripped all funding from nearly a dozen critical programs that help farmers and communities.  These programs create jobs, invest in our next generation of farmers, and help farmers and communities build a more sustainable future – but they are currently stranded without funding.

Call or write today!  You can use Govtrack.us to look up your legislators using your ZIP code: http://www.govtrack.us/congress/members

Click here for suggestions on what to say.


This is inexcusable – Congress needs to act now.

Tell your legislators:  “Two years is too long without a farm bill.  We need a full and fair five-year farm bill that reforms outdated farm subsidies, protects our natural resources, and invests in a healthier future for all of us – and we need it now!”

What’s at stake if Congress doesn’t pass a bill?  We’ll lose out on programs that help train future farmers and invest in the next generation of growers.  We’ll say goodbye to funding for programs that improve healthy food access by linking more consumers to local farmers’ markets and CSAs.  We’ll miss out on programs that create economic opportunities for rural communities and increase market opportunities for farmers.  And, to add insult to injury, outdated subsidies will remain intact.  In short, we’ll lose out on this chance to build a better future for our nation’s food and farms.

Congress needs to hear from YOU – their constituents – today. Let your legislators know our nation’s farmers and eaters can’t go another year without a farm billwe need a full and fair five-year farm bill, NOW!

Thanks for all you do,

Sarah and Shavaun, NSAC’s Grassroots Team

P.S. When you call, tell us how it went!

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2 responses to “How many years does it take to write a farm bill?”

  1. Brian Teal (Chico, CA) says:

    Submitted… great opportunity for others to get their voices heard!