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NSAC Announces Farm and Agriculture Resources for the Media (FARM) Project

April 21, 2010

We’re excited to announce the launch of FARM (Farm & Agriculture Resources for Media), a NSAC project that champions the voice of sustainable agriculture by providing media training and tools for farmers.  FARM includes a new three-part NSAC toolkit that helps  farmers share their personal and authentic story and strengthen their media connections.

The three elements of the FARM toolkit include:

1. Media & Public Relations Tool Kit for Farmers

Downloadable materials that provide practical tips and tactics for generating media coverage, including identifying your compelling story, writing a press release, and a sample farm media kit with starter templates.

2.  Media Training for Farmers Webinar

One hour session providing media tips enhanced with examples of farmers who successfully utilize these strategies.

3.  NSAC FARM Database

Farmers are encouraged to  join this internal NSAC database of farmers in sustainable agriculture who are available to reply to media inquiries as they come up specific to a farmer’s background and business.

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