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Free USDA Webinar on Specialty Crop Block Grants

December 10, 2010

On December 16, 2pm EST, USDA will conduct a free webinar on the Specialty Crop Block Grant Program.  The webinar will discuss the purpose of the program, the types of projects the program aims to fund, and how to apply for a grant.

According to the webinar announcement, “USDA invites everyone who is currently engaged in, or interested in engaging in, the production, handling, sale, or research of specialty crops to participate.”  Trista Etzig, Manager of the Specialty Crop Block Grant Program, will be the guest speaker and will answer questions about the program.

Many NSAC member organizations were awarded Specialty Crop Block Grants in 2010 and in past years; read our blog post from September on the 2010 awards here.

For information on how to register for the webinar (registration is required), view the invitation here.  To read background on the Specialty Crop Block Grant Program, visit its USDA webpage here.

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4 responses to “Free USDA Webinar on Specialty Crop Block Grants”

  1. Trust Oner says:


  2. Michael says:

    I was wondering if specialty crops are defined as heirloom varieties, or crops that are new to a region or state. I’m preparing to plant organic sweet potato’s as well as heirloom fingerling potato’s on our farm. Would these be within the definition and scope of a specialty crop?

    My other question is where would I fine the definition for specialty crops?

    Thanks for answering my question.

    Michael Goldsby / Drumlin Producer’s Cooperative Madison, WI

  3. emay says:

    According to USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service, which administers the Specialty Crop Block Grant program, specialty crops are defined as “fruits, vegetables, tree nuts, dried fruits, horticulture, and nursery crops” – your sweet potatoes and fingerling potatoes would certainly fit the bill.