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Two days.

November 13, 2013

Dear Supporter,

Two days.

That’s how long you have left to make your voice heard on the Food Safety Modernization Act – new food safety regulations that will unfairly burden family farmers, target sustainable and organic farming, and reduce the availability of fresh, local food in our communities.

These FSMA rules have been all over the news – for good reason. Farmers and eaters are worried that the rules will:

  • put many farms out of business;
  • reduce the supply of fresh, local produce in schools and hospitals;
  • push farmers to tear out wildlife habitat; and
  • increase the use of chemicals rather than natural fertilizers.

The good news is that we’ve got a chance to fix this – the Food and Drug Administration is asking for comments from people like YOU before the rules become final law!  But the comment period closes at 11:59pm this Friday, November 15. We’re running out of time to have an impact on what these rules look like – so don’t delay. Submit a comment to fix FSMA today.

Here’s how:

1. Get informed. If you’re new to this issue – or just feeling iffy on some of the details – we’ve got you covered. Read our Top 10 Problems with FSMA, or check out our issue pages for some of the real nitty gritty. Farmers and food entrepreneurs should check out our “am I affected?” information too.

2. Take action.
OK, here’s the deal – submitting a comment takes a little longer than simply sending a form email. But FDA will read every single submission, and it takes only a few moments! We’ve put together templates for farmers and consumers to help you customize your comment. Basically, in as few or many words as you like, you’ll want to share your concerns about the rules. You have a story to tell – about your food business, favorite farmer, or the role that local produce plays in your community – and it’s critical to share it with the FDA so they understand how many people from across the country are taking note of these rules and demanding that they work for sustainable agriculture!

3. Be sure to submit (or postmark) your comment by the deadline: November 15, 2013. There are two ways to submit:

  • Electronically. Submit one copy of your comments to the Produce Rule and one to the Preventive Controls Rule. We have more detailed instructions online here that walk you through the simple process!
  • Snail mail. Send a hard copy of your comments to:
    Division of Dockets Management (HFA-305)
    Food and Drug Administration
    5630 Fishers Lane, Room 1061
    Rockville, MD 20852

That’s it! Have last-minute questions? We’re here to help at fsma@sustainableagriculture.net.

Two days. This is it. Let’s fix FSMA together.


The NSAC Food Safety Team

P.S. Have you already submitted a comment? Fantastic! You’re the best! Help us spread the word via Facebook and Twitter, too!

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2 responses to “Two days.”

  1. Angela Phalen says:

    Small farms are so important, please don’t push them out.

  2. Simionie Akavak says:

    Imagine, if you can: what will agriculture look like in the year 3013?