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A Late Start Doesn’t Have to Mean a Slow Start: 10 Things Secretary Perdue Can Do Now to Support Family Farmers

April 26, 2017

On his first day on the job, Sonny Perdue – a former two-term governor and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) long-awaited new Secretary – addressed two very important audiences. The first, a formal introduction to USDA staff, was an opportunity for the Secretary to lay out his general vision for the department’s next four […]

A Big Week Ahead for Agriculture: Decisions Will Shape the Landscape for 2018 Farm Bill

April 21, 2017

The annual process for funding federal programs — known in Washington D.C. as the appropriations cycle — should be a fairly cut and dry process of allocating money (or not) to previously authorized programs; however, in recent years the appropriations process has often been used as a backdoor method to legislate. Rumors have abounded over […]

If Trump Stands with Rural America, He Will Expedite the Farmer Fair Practices Rules

March 28, 2017

Editors Note: On April 13, 2017 USDA delayed the effective date for the interim final rule on “competitive injury” until October of 2017.  A separate Federal Register Notice requests comments by June 12, 2017 on the disposition of the interim final rule including whether it should be delayed further, withdrawn, suspended, or allowed to go […]

How Sustainable Agriculture Advocates Can Take Action in 2017

January 24, 2017

With a new president and the 115th Congress recently sworn in, farmers and sustainable agriculture advocates around the country have been asking: What does this new Administration and Congress mean for agriculture and food policy? How can we most effectively advocate and continue to make change on the issues that we care about? Here at […]

PRESS RELEASE: Executive Order Delays All Pending Final Rules

January 23, 2017

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Reana Kovalcik, 202-547-5754, Greg Fogel, 202-547-5754,   Executive Order Delays All Pending Final Rules Farmer Fair Practices Rules, designed to protect rights of contract farmers, included among those delayed Washington, DC, January 23, 2017 – On Friday, January 21, the Trump Administration directed agencies to delay by 60 days […]

NSAC’s Sweet 16: Top Wins for Sustainable Agriculture in 2016

December 28, 2016

If some years are rollercoasters, 2016 was more like the tilt-a-whirl – a lot of effort spent to turn just slightly in one direction or another, much spinning in circles, and a headache at the end for your trouble. Despite all the stop and starts, however, the sustainable agriculture community came out of the last […]

USDA Publishes Farmer Fair Practices Rules to Help American Farmers and Ranchers

December 15, 2016

USDA has taken the historic step of issuing three rules that will begin to bring some fairness and order to the poultry and livestock industries, with a particular focus on farmers growing under contracts with the big meat and poultry processing corporations. These three rules, when finalized, will prevent unfair and anti-competitive practices by meat […]

RELEASE: Farmer Fair Practices Rules Will Bring Fairness to Contract Poultry and Livestock Industry

December 14, 2016

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Reana Kovalcik, 202-547-5754, Paul Wolfe, 202-547-5754,   Farmer Fair Practices Rules Will Bring Fairness to Contract Poultry and Livestock Industry National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition praises USDA for moving forward on rules to protect contract farmers Washington, DC, December 14, 2016 – Nearly 100 years after the passage of the […]

Farmer Fair Practices Rules Could Be an Easy Win for Trump Administration

November 22, 2016

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is currently reviewing a set of three rules from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) that, if finalized, could easily be an early win for the Trump Administration. USDA’s Grain Inspection, Packers & Stockyards Administration (GIPSA) has been working on the “Farmer Fair Practices” rules with the support of […]

Press Release: Representative Chellie Pingree Hosts Poultry Farmers and Advocates for a Capitol Hill Discussion on Contract Agriculture

November 15, 2016

For Immediate Release: Contact: Michael Pauker,, 646-335-0330   United States Representative Chellie Pingree Hosts Poultry Farmers and Advocates for a Capitol Hill Discussion on Contract Agriculture Attendants will view “Under Contract”, a new documentary on abusive practices in the industry Washington, DC, November 15, 2016 – Contract poultry farmers raise 97% of all chicken consumed in […]

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