COVID-19 Resources

This page was most recently updated on December 14, 2021. It should be noted that though many deadlines for opportunities listed have passed, these resources serve as important reference points for future aid and ongoing relief efforts in addition to serving as an archive.

As farmers and communities all across the country continue to deal with the impacts of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, NSAC is collecting resources from members, partners, and allies to help mitigate the challenges facing the food and farm system during this crisis. This page will be updated on an ongoing basis as we learn about new available resources. Click here for NSAC’s response to COVID-19 and list of relevant blog posts.

Resources on This Page

Money/Direct Aid Grants

Information/Resource Libraries

  • COVID-19 y agricultores latinos en los EEUU (temas de vídeo: Desafíos Laborales, Familias Primer, Programa de Protección de Cheques de Pago (PPP), y Prestamos para Desastres por Daños de Emergencia frente al coronavirus (EIDL)) – Michigan State University Extension . Última actualición diciembre de 2020

Support for Farmers of Color and Indigenous Communities

Support for Farmworkers

Support for Other Communities of Food/Farm Stakeholders
(organic farmers, beginning and veteran farmers, farm-to-institution, food access, farmers markets, etc.)

Technical Assistance (Food Safety and Produce Handling, etc.)

USDA, Agency, and Congressional Resources

State-Specific and Regional Resources


State-by State:

  • Massachusetts:
    • COVID-19 Resources – Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture (CISA), updated in 2021