NSAC Diversity Fund

A diverse sustainable agriculture movement is critical to our ability to win on our shared issues.  The NSAC Diversity Fund was created in 2013 to advance the strategic growth of our coalition, and of the broader sustainable food and agriculture movement.

The Fund is used to expand the influence and effectiveness of the coalition, by enabling:

  1. Expanded opportunities and scholarships for students of color who are interested in sustainable food and agriculture careers, especially policy and grassroots positions
  2. Broader ethnic diversity of the Coalition both through recruiting more organizations of color and by increasing career opportunities for people of color in existing member organizations
  3. Broader geographic diversity by recruiting member organizations in targeted state and congressional districts
  4. Greater people of color participation in grassroots farmer fly-ins to Washington DC
  5. Travel scholarships for people of color to attend and engage in policy and grassroots events
  6. Expanded capacity for organizations of color and those that serve primarily people of color to better engage in federal policy
  7. Tailored and translated informational materials for people of color, including immigrant communities and those with English as a second language
  8. Recruitment of more people of color committee leadership in the Coalition
  9. Assistance in recruiting a racially diverse Organizational Council (NSAC’s governing board)
  10. Implementation of strategic plan goals related to diversity and racial equity. See our Racial Equity Statement here.

Your gift to the Diversity Fund will help us meet our shared goals and grow the coalition and the movement.

Please make a donation to NSAC’s Diversity Fund today by clicking here!