Annual Appropriations

Each year, NSAC engages in the annual appropriations process, through which Congress funds the basic functions of the federal government.  NSAC talks to its member groups to decide its appropriations priorities, and then advocates for those programs in D.C. and around the country.  NSAC works to bring farmer and rancher voices to Appropriations Committee decisions by encouraging citizen action, coordinating grassroots response, and organizing farmer “fly-ins” to Washington, D.C.

Although there are many appropriations subcommittees (e.g., Homeland Security, Energy and Water, etc), NSAC’s work primarily involves the Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittees of the House and Senate, as those Subcommittees determine how farm, food, and rural development funding will be allocated each year. Without this funding, USDA would be unable to operate many of the programs that we care about.

In addition to appropriating funds, congressional appropriators often attach policy “riders” to appropriations bills. These riders limit funding for targeted programs or regulations, such as environmental protections for wetlands, water quality, and endangered species. NSAC works each year to defeat these harmful riders.

For the latest news on the annual appropriations process, visit our blog!

For the most recent funding levels for key sustainable ag programs, check out our FY 2020 Appropriations Chart.

Current Appropriations Priorities

Check out our list of current funding priorities that NSAC is actively campaigning in order to support a more sustainable farm and food system!

Get Involved!

It is important for your Representative and Senators to hear from you about why you think a particular farm, food, or rural program should be funded and at what level in the following year’s appropriations bill.  Check out NSAC’s Take Action page for more details.

Recent Actions Taken by NSAC:

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