Appropriations Priorities

The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition’s appropriations priorities are determined annually by our member organizations.  Our fiscal year (FY) 2023 1st and 2nd tier appropriations priorities include the following funding requests:

Sustainable and Organic Research

Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program
NSAC FY 2023 Request = full funding $60 million

Agriculture Credit and Farm Safety Net

National Organic Certification Cost Share Program

NSAC FY 2023 Request = $5 million

Conservation, Energy, and Environment

Conservation Technical Assistance
NSAC FY 2023 Request = $1.1 billion

Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative

NSAC FY2023 Request = $30m million

Office or Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production
NSAC FY 2023 Request = full funding $25 million

Rural Development and Local Food

Local Agriculture Market Program: Farmers Market and Local Food Promotion Program and Value Added Producer Grants
NSAC FY 2023 Request = $20 million, split appropriately between FMLFPP and VAPG

Livestock and Competition

Packers and Stockyards Act Rulemaking

NSAC FY 2023 Request = no PSA riders preventing USDA from finishing the rulemaking